Our lawyers have decades of experience advocating for clients at all levels of court.

Our founder, Colin Stevenson, and partner Richard Macklin are both certified specialists in civil litigation. Colin Stevenson is the former chair of the civil litigation executive of the Ontario Bar Association. James Newland is widely recognized for his many years of experience in personal injury and medical malpractice law, and he has spearheaded a number of class actions and mass tort claims. Maureen Whelton, our managing partner, has extensive experience in both civil and commercial litigation.

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Michael Cooper

Michael Cooper
Phone: 647-847-3823
Email: mcooper@swlawyers.ca

Jill M Edwards

Jill M. Edwards
Phone: 905-842-5624
Email: jedwards@swlawyers.ca


Ed Hiutin
Phone: 647-847-3824
Email: ehiutin@swlawyers.ca


Arina Joanisse
Phone: 647-847-3817
Email: ajoanisse@swlawyers.ca

Richard Macklin

Richard Macklin
Phone: 647-847-3822
Email: rmacklin@swlawyers.ca

Daniel McConville

Daniel McConville
Phone: 647-847-3813
Email: dmcconville@swlawyers.ca

Emily C McGivern

Emily C. McGivern
Phone: 905-842-8804
Email: emcgivern@swlawyers.ca

James Newland

James Newland
Phone: 647-847-3815
Email: jnewland@swlawyers.ca

Weston J Pollard

Weston J. Pollard
Phone: 905-842-8616
Email: wpollard@swlawyers.ca

Colin Stevenson

Colin Stevenson
Phone: 647-847-3811
Email: cstevenson@swlawyers.ca

Maureen Whelton

Maureen Whelton
Phone: 647-847-3812
Email: mwhelton@swlawyers.ca

Neil Wilson

Neil Wilson
Phone: 647-847-3814
Email: nwilson@swlawyers.ca


Brian Kirkland

Brian Kirkland
Phone: 647-847-3816
Email: bkirkland@swlawyers.ca


Stephen Marano
Phone: 416-599-7900 x844
Email: smarano@swlawyers.ca

Law Clerks

Margaret Lover

Margaret Lover
Phone: 416-599-7900 x835
Email: mlover@swlawyers.ca

Colin Stevenson

Vijay Perinparajah
Phone: 416-599-7900 x836
Email: vijay@swlawyers.ca

Legal Assistants

Lisa Achchan

Lisa Achchan
Phone: 416-599-7900 x833 
Email: lachchan@swlawyers.ca

Tatiana Gaete

Tatiana Gaete
Phone: 416-599-7900 x832
Email: tgaete@swlawyers.ca


Brandy Kaddoura
Phone: 416-599-7900 x842 
Email: bkaddoura@swlawyers.ca

Hazel Lowe

Hazel Lowe
Phone: 416-599-7900
Email: hlowe@swlawyers.ca


Carolyn Raber
Phone: 416-599-7900 x841
Email: craber@swlawyers.ca

Office Manager


Amber Riggs
Phone: 647-847-3827
Email: ariggs@swlawyers.ca

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